Meet WOMEN’S WAY’s 2022 Change The Narrative Fellows: Carolyn Jenkins

Carolyn Jenkins is a caregiver with about ten years of experience working in schools. She had always known that children were part of her journey, and in the early 90s, she attended Temple University for two years to study Early Childhood Education. Although Carolyn did not finish college, she hopes to complete her degree in the future.

Carolyn has worked as a professional parent for Carson Valley. At an early age, she was determined to follow what continuously gave her hope- her faith. Her motto in life is to “treat others the way they would like to be treated.”

Carolyn loves colors, and beautiful colors help relax her and make her smile. She is interested in learning abstract art and loves having books around her. She looks forward to when she will no longer be financially handicapped, so she can be relaxed enough to read a book for enjoyment.

While people may describe Carolyn as serious, comical, friendly, optimistic, and transparent, she is a good listener and would want people to feel comfortable and safe around her.

Carolyn Jenkins for WOMEN’S WAY 2022

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