Meet WOMEN’S WAY’s 2022 Change The Narrative Fellows: Christina Rodgers

Christina Rodgers is the mother of seven children and a grandmother who has decided to change the narrative to her story. She is a first-generation homeowner. Christina has vast experience working in the transportation and security sector and being a full-time single mother. As a woman battling cancer, it has forced her to be out of work yet vibrant and full of life.

As Christina says, being diagnosed with cancer “made me fight harder”: hard enough to get her family out of the hood and give them a chance she never had so that they don’t go through things she experienced. This dream led Christina to work during her chemotherapy to achieve her dreams- proving to herself that anything is possible! She recounts her most significant achievement as getting her family out of the hood and out of poverty- “building a brand-new house from the ground up is something I never imagined in my wildest best dream,” she says.

Christina’s interest in being part of the fellowship is to share her journey with other women and to inspire others to not to be scared of change and challenges.

Christina Rodgers for WOMEN’S WAY 2022

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